Biomechanics of Bodies (BoB)

Biomechanics of Bodies (BoB) is a competitively priced biomechanical modelling package which contains a human musculoskeletal model. The model consists of rigid segments which represent the major anatomical components connected by physiologically appropriate joints and over 600 locomotor muscles.

BoB resides within the Matlab / Simulink environment enabling easy data export to Matlab christian replica replica christian louboutin pump , a common analysis environment in academia and industry. All of the analysis capability of Matlab / Simulink are available to BoB and all of your legacy models including control engineering, statistical analysis can interact with BoB. BoB provides the human element into your Matlab analysis.

The learning curve for BoB is very short and for existing Matlab / Simulink users it is almost zero, this makes it ideal for whole class teaching as well as for research.


  • Isometric and Hills muscle formulations
  • User defined muscle formulations as functions of muscle physiological constants, muscle length and muscle velocity
  • Variety of pre-defined, or user defined, optimisation functions
  • Intuitive definition and modification of muscle geometry and wrapping
  • External forces applied in global and local co-ordinate systems
  • Analysis of the interaction of multiple subjects
  • Analysis of the interaction of subjects and equipment


  • Trajectories
  • Motion visualisation
  • Location of Centre-of-Mass
  • Muscle force and activations
  • Joint torques
  • Joint contact forces
  • Body work and power
  • Graphical and tabulated numeric output

Motion definition

  • Explicit functions for joint articulation
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Motion capture

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BoB Biomechanics of Bodies Case Study PDF

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