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Feb 11, 2013 - Prosim Goes Electromechanical

With the completion of the design and development of.

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Feb 11, 2009 - Fast & Flexible Prototype Evaluation

Imagine a wear simulator that can be used for the wear testing of hip.

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Product Overview

Simulation Solutions' range of Prosim bioengineering simulators address the following key areas in the study of the tribology of orthopaedic implants :

  • Hip wear & friction
  • Knee wear & friction
  • Spine wear & friction

The Prosim simulators have been developed over the last twenty years working closely with some of the leading research institutes and orthopaedic implant manufacturers in the market, to deliver cost-effective practical testing equipment, capable of producing timely, consistent and reliable data.

All simulators in the range are electromechanical and run in both force and displacement control, with the ability to track even the most demanding waveforms.

Prosim range of simulators comprises:

Linked Axis Hip & Spine Wear Simulator

Six station simulator, with linked axes, for the study of wear and friction of non-cadaveric hip and spinal implant prostheses, able to perform up to and beyond ISO 14242-1 (2012) and ISO 18192-1 (2011)

Independent Station Knee Wear Simulator

Six station simulator with each station able to run autonomously for the study of wear and friction of knee implant prostheses, able to perform up to and beyond ISO 14243-1 (2009) and ISO 14243-3 (2004)

Custom Built Wear Testing Equipment

Simulation Solutions is always happy to look at full custom ‘design and build’ projects or to customise existing equipment to specific requirements of its customers.

Over 300,000,000 cycles of wear data generated by Prosim wear simulators, has been published. More than on any other brand of wear simulator in the market.

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