ISO Electro-Mechanical Wear Simulators – The New Focus for Prosim

Feb 11, 2009

Following the successful introduction of the spinal implant wear simulator, their first fully electro-mechanical simulator, Prosim have now committed to a development path that will bring about the introduction of fully electro-mechanical wear simulators for the testing of knee and hip implants. Such systems will also be made available for the testing of cadaveric specimens and the wear testing of ankles, shoulders and elbows for those customers looking at more custom built machinery.

The spinal implant wear simulator has enabled Leeds University to test to the ISO standard and beyond, something which the new knee and hip simulators will also be able to do.

Dr Nick Heyes, Technical Manager of Prosim, said ‘electro-mechanics provide the ideal solution for running these types of simulator, giving a high level of precision and accuracy at a competitive price.’