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Since 1993

Hello! We are Simulation Solutions.

From the initial design and development of the first Prosim wear simulators in the early 1990s, for DePuy Synthes, Simulation Solutions has sought to take a flexible, innovative and cost-effective approach to the development of mechanical wear simulators for the testing of orthopaedic implants.

Pushing the boundaries.

Since the mid 1990’s, Prosim has worked closely together with the research teams, at Leeds University, to design wear and fatigue simulators that enable them to push the boundaries of research of orthopaedic implant wear, enabling them to build one of the largest independent wear testing laboratories in the world, with over a 100 stations of capacity for the testing of hip, knee and spinal implants. To this day, Prosim continues to work with Leeds University on cutting edge European research projects, like the Lifelong Joints Project, which concluded in 2018.

Global solutions.

The benefits of this relationship, stretching back over twenty five years, have enabled Simulation Solutions to broaden its product offering and enter both mature and developing markets around the world often working with local customers in the design and development of new simulators to meet the needs of those markets.

Leeds University and its alumi continues to work side by side with some of Simulation Solutions’ customers to provide them with a more structured and rigorous approach to running their simulators and interpreting the results generated.

Our services.

Simulation Solutions was quick to enable its simulators to accommodate multiple demand profile changes, simulate the activities of daily living, and accommodate significantly wider ranges of motion and higher ranges of loading than required under the respective ISO standards, to study adverse wear. 

Simulation Solutions is able to offer a complete suite of mechanical wear testing simulators for the wear testing of hip, knee and spinal implants, as well as other orthopaedic implants such as ankles, fingers, elbows and shoulder joints.

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