Prosim Goes Electromechanical

With the completion of the design and development of the Single Station Universal Joint Wear Simulator, Simulation Solutions is now able to offer a complete portfolio of electromechanical wear and friction simulators for the extensive wear testing of orthopaedic implants.

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Fast & Flexible Prototype Evaluation

Imagine a wear simulator that can be used for the wear testing of hip, knee and spinal implants up to and beyond their respective ISO standards; that can deliver micro-separation and deep knee bending; that can be used for the wear testing of other joints such as ankles, fingers, shoulders, etc.

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Appointment of Indian Distributor

Simulation Solutions Ltd are delighted to be able announce the appointment of Maa Sharda Engineers & Consultants Pvt Limited (MSECPL) as their distributor in India.

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Prosim Appoints A Chinese Distributor

In order to capitalise on the potential of the Chinese orthopaedic market and its growing requirement for testing equipment to ensure that international testing standards are upheld, Prosim has appointed Gaitech.

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ISO Electro-Mechanical Wear Simulators - The New Focus for Prosim

Following the successful introduction of the spinal implant wear simulator, their first fully electro-mechanical simulator, Prosim have now committed to a development path that will bring about the introduction of fully electro-mechanical wear simulators for the testing of knee and hip implants.

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Hope for people with severe spine fractures

Leeds University is at the forefront of research into implant technology and that research is just about to take a big leap forward in the spinal injuries sphere.

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